Guru Gun Stands are the best way to load, display, and protect your marker.
This stand is a must for the serious pro-baller. Who pays a lot for your marker then throws it on a table?
With Guru Gun Stands you never have to worry about your marker getting scratched again.
Guru Gun Stands are manufactured with a space-age plastic, which is extremely durable and will never scratch your marker!

Guru Gun Stands offer a line of stands that are made with a high-density polyethylene rubber to grip the air tank; therefore preventing the marker from sliding and preventing scratching. The whole purpose of creating this stand is to protect your investment. Durability is another benefit, as they will not crack or shatter, you can rest assured your stand will be around for a long time. 

They are fully collapsable to fit in any gear bag and were also designed to fit most paintball markers with compressed air tanks attached. (45 ci, 68 ci, and 70 ci). They also accommodate tank covers. 

We also offer Pod stands that can hold up to 12 pods as well as a pod locking system which locks between two stands and holds 6 pods. 

With a variety of stands, pods, headbands, shirts and accessories coming soon, you’ll be geared up for your next match!